Let’s begin with fiscal irresponsibility:

We all know about the trillions of dollars being spent by the federal government and what those massive expenditures (both immediately and allocated to future times) is doing to our national deficit. Here are a couple visuals to remind us all of the situation:

Lynn Woolsey was first elected as a member of the House in 1992, spanning, of course, the Clinton, Bush43, and now Obama administrations. In the 111th Congress (elected in 2008), The Washington Post informs us that Rep. Woolsey voted with her Democrat colleagues 95.9% of the time — when she has voted. Most recent first, her votes are listed by Govtrack.us and inform us that she has indeed voted for massive spending bills. One example is H.R. 3288, a 400 billion plus spending spree. She also voted “yes” on the widely-criticized TARP legislation and on the commonly-named Stimulus Bill (H.R. 1: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009).

Why should Rep. Woolsey be faulted for following the herd and voting with the majority on these huge spending bills? Because America is at a crossroads and can no longer tolerate the politicians in Washington D.C. spending as though there were no tomorrow. According to the Debt Clock website, the current total debt per citizen is, as of this writing, $174,664. This is an outrageous amount for which Congress must take considerable responsibility. We all know we cannot continue to load up on debt. Not only does it affect our current economy very adversely, but it will affect the lives of our children and many future generations. Those who serve in Congress cannot view our nation’s economy as their personal playground for spending. They cannot continue to throw money at everything. Since we, the voters, have placed the people making these decisions in office, it is we who must remove them. Rep. Woolsey may in good conscience believe that by voting for massive spending she is doing the right thing. But we voters realize that this kind of governance cannot continue. Our economy simply is not sustainable under the onus of such debt. This Congress must be replaced by a more responsible body that will stop the massive outlays. We in the 6th District can do our part by removing Rep. Woolsey.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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