An “F” on Immigration Issues

Illegal immigration is a hot-button issue for voters who generally hold the opinion that existing immigration laws should be firmly enforced by the federal government and who want the borders secured before there is discussion of what should be done about the over ten million illegal aliens in our country. No one needs to reminds residents of Marin and Sonoma counties of these issues as we deal with them first-hand and daily. Illegal immigration impacts health services, employment, education, etc. A fundamental question of fairness and justice also arises; most citizens oppose governmental efforts to “regularize” illegal immigrants without sufficient penalties because such plans reward deliberate (and often repeated) lawbreakers. But many lawmakers, often for their own political reasons, advocate a much softer policy toward illegal immigrants.

Lynn Woolsey ranks among the politicians who consistently vote for legislative proposals that favor illegal immigrants rather than support legal residents in our district. For her stance she has earned an “F” on a report card from one immigration-monitoring organization: . And in the 111th Congress, she even earned the ultimate, a “F-.” In a Congress where the average grade was a “C,” how did Rep. Woolsey manage such a bad grade?  provides further specifics about her record. She voted for anything that gave illegal immigrants access to services. She voted to loosen immigration rules. She voted against building a fence on the American/Mexican border. She voted against reducing amnesty enticements. She would not reduce unnecessary worker visas. And so on.

Lynn Woolsey evidently feels that compassion for fellow human beings forbids a fair and secure immigration policy. She is very much mistaken and misapplying the tenets of basic human decency. We Americans feel great compassion and show it by helping our neighbors next door and people in need around the world. But as a nation we are entitled to pass and enforce reasonable immigration laws, and we are also entitled to expect those laws to be respected by all who would like to  gain entrance here. We can be generous and just without forfeiting our rights to laws regulating our borders. Every other country (including Mexico) enforces immigration laws. And every nation’s people rightly expect their own government to protect and help them rather than favor illegal interlopers. Citizens of the United States have that right also. It is the obligation of elected officials to serve citizens and legal residents. Unfortunately, some members of Congress cater to the growing demands of illegal residents at the expense (especially during this period of double-digit unemployment) of their rightful constituents. The evidence shows clearly that Lynn Woolsey is one of those representatives.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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