Super-sized bills Rep. Woolsey keeps approving

A picture is worth a thousand words — well, in this case worth about 2300 pages of words.

We all know that the recent health care and financial reform bills topped 2000 pages and were only the latest in an inflationary trend. Congress has become addicted to humongous pieces of legislation cobbled together from input from special interests, their own lawyers, federal agencies, etc.

The sheer size and the often rushed nature of these behemoths keeps our illustrious senators and congressmen and women from doing their duty and actually reading what they vote on. Who can forget Nancy Pelosi’s infamous statement about the health care bill that we’d have to wait until it was passed to know what was in it!

The same can be said for the new financial “reform” legislation. It undoubtedly contains clauses and mandates that will be nasty “gifts” to Americans at large. Why? Because our members of Congress did not do their due diligence and carefully vet every single part of the bill before them.

Want an example of one of these “gifts” that has already surfaced? Here you go! You had no idea, did you, that the financial reform legislation was going to enable the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to refuse to be transparent, did you? You had no idea the SEC is now entitled to exempt itself from answering Freedom of Information Act inquiries, but it does. How much should we bet that Lynn Woolsey didn’t know that either when she voted “Aye” to pass this gigantic piece of legislation?

We voters cannot send to Congress people who blithely vote without being fully informed of exactly what they are imposing on America. Lynn Woolsey is one of those people. 

By the way, here is a summary of this legislation along with a link to the full text, if you want to inform yourself about specifics.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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