Woolsey and Boxer

Barbara Boxer’s lead in the California Senate race has narrowed to five percentage points over Carly Fiorina, down from a one-time high of thirty points. Like our own Lynn Woolsey, the senator is a professional politician who was first sworn into office in 1993. Sen. Boxer has critics galore, for various reasons….

At least one scandal dogs her from her service in the other house of Congress: remember the House banking scandal of 1992? Then Rep. Boxer was one of twenty-four members who bounced checks written on accounts in the House bank. She wrote 143 bad checks totaling more than $40,000.

But let’s move on to her record in the Senate. A number of websites are dedicated to documenting her perceived failings in these last seventeen years. One is called — what else? — FailedSenator.com. Another prefers FireBarbaraBoxer.com and lists seven critical areas. Larry Greenfield, who wrote that article states that the senator has resisted crucial social security reform, is so radically pro-abortion that she won’t support legislation controlling partial birth procedures, will not consider many new ideas for American energy independence, has no sustained history of assisting California’s small business owners, has often sided with the those in Washington D.C. who drag their feet on immigration law enforcement, isn’t very informed about foreign policy issues, and politically is rather undistinguished except that she ordinarily does vote for a tax-and-spend agenda. Barbara Boxer also moonlights as a fiction author, which suggests to some people she isn’t spending as much time on her Senate duties as she could or should.

Why this sudden burst of information about Senator Boxer, when the main topic of this webpage is Rep. Lynn Woolsey? Because last Saturday, July 31, 2010, a fundraiser was held in St. Helena (the Napa wine country) for the senator and among the attendees was — guess. And why is that important? Because it illuminates the persistent determination of incumbent politicians to band together to do their utmost to ensure reelection time and time again. And it reinforces that Senator Boxer and Rep. Woolsey share a lot in common as candidates and as sitting officials. They were not alone at the fundraiser, of course. Others there were actor Robert Redford and Mayor Willie Brown. Reportedly about a hundred Boxer supporters paid between $250-$2,400 each for the event. The more to add to the senator’s 11.3 million cash on hand stockpile at the end of the second quarter (about eleven times Carly Fiorina’s war chest).

Outside on the street a contingent of protesters objected to the senator’s spending taxpayer money “frivolously,” and “killing jobs and pulling money out of the private sector and into the government sector.” These same complaints can be lodged against Rep. Woolsey.

Boxer and Woolsey. Two professional pols from the same cloth. Let’s vote them both out.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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