We know we need to change direction!

60% of us, according to an AP GfK consolidated poll, are not happy with the direction in which our nation is heading. Check out the three August 11 – 16 polls that led to this 60% figure.

Americans recognize that the actions of our federal government are causing the prospects not just of our generation but the generations that follow us to dim. We recognize that crushing debt, mismanaged bureaucracies and wasted billions, legislation and policies that encourage jobs to be re-deployed overseas, inefficient immigration enforcement, an overly-complicated tax system and a Fed that creates trillions all contribute to reducing our standards of living. And our children and grandchildren face even stiffer reductions. The policies of today could cause hyper-inflation in the next few years. The policies being instituted by Congress and the administration today are not improving our lives, and only electing new senators and House members in November will give us a chance of reversing the damage that our current Congress has helped heap on us. Not everything wrong in our country is attributable to government, but enough is that we simply must retire the current cabal and hire men and women who will have the courage and the integrity to make the hard decisions that MUST be made NOW.

The 6th District needs to do its part to help turn the economic and political tide by electing a new member of Congress this November.



About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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  1. good read.
    sharing your post.

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