The wicked witch

No, it isn’t Lynn Woolsey who is being portrayed as the wicked witch of OZ, it is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in this wickedly funny political ad on youtube:

John Dennis, Pelosi’s opponent, says he wants to “throw a little water on politicians who say one thing and do another.” Dennis believes  — as does Jim Judd, here in the 6th District — in the Constitution and reducing our crushing national debt, among other common sense principles that are currently sorely missing in Washington D.C. 

Here to the north, we too have a congressional incumbent in the Nancy Pelosi mold. Lynn Woolsey and Nancy Pelosi are both bound and determined to ensnare us in layers and layers of bureaucracy and federal controls. They both have no concept of fiscal responsibility, spending trillions we don’t have and that future generations will have to pay back. They both want to raise your taxes on energy, capital gains, health care, and income. They both think impermanent employment (such as the recent census jobs) is preferable to solid, long-term jobs in the private sector. They both have no problem with House bills that run thousands and pages, and neither knows the content (or the ramifications) before eagerly voting “yes.” And they both think their House seats are “safe” this year!

It’s time for all voters in both Speaker Pelosi’s and Rep. Woolsey’s adjoining districts to examine the records of these professional politicians and give them the compleeeeeetely deserved shock of their lives: a PINK SLIP! Because unemployment as elected officials for representatives who represent us so poorly can only mean employment for many more of the thousands who are currently and unsuccessfully seeking work here in Northern California. We need people in Washington who aren’t disengaged from the people and who will truly work for economic stability and prosperity. Nancy Pelosi and Lynn Woolsey support and promote policies that will only economically “enslave” us and our children and grandchildren.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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