Health care competition? No. Monopoly.

In Monday’s debate, Lynn Woolsey insisted that instituting the public option would engender competition in the health care provider pool. The audience wasn’t buying it, and for good reason. Just listen again to Lynn Woolsey at last year’s health care town hall. There she declared that “single payer” is the best system to install. Here it is between time stamps 1:28-1:37:

Single payer is the ultimate aim for Lynn Woolsey and her associates. Why? Because the implementation of single payer would put the government in sole control of your health care and mine. It’s the Nanny State in play again.

The public option is simply an intermediate step for Lynn Woolsey. It is her stepping stone to single payer. Lynn Woolsey does not want competition in the health care field. And she knows perfectly well that real competition can only take place on a level playing field. Introducing a government option against private plans shifts any game in favor of the government because only the federal government has the ability to make its own rules, set rates at any level it chooses, and has access to the nation’s printing press for funds.

Competition, if that were what Lynn Woolsey really wanted for the health care industry, could be incentivised (as she likes to say) by removing some of the many regulations that currently prevent genuine competition between private providers. But fewer regulations? Not even a remote thought for our 6th District incumbent.

No, our current congresswoman paid lip service to the public option and competition on Monday only because she sees that as the avenue to single payer. Don’t be fooled by Lynn Woolsey. She is intent on installing a government monopoly to run your health care from cradle to grave.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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2 Responses to Health care competition? No. Monopoly.

  1. FedUpEditor says:

    I was at the debate where the health care question came up. Judd went first and therefore could not challenge Woolsey’s assertion that single payer will reduce the deficit. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    If the Congressional Budget Office says it will, then they are using numbers made up by the liberal supporters of this fiasco. Just like the original Obamacare health care bill they are probably basing projections on 10 years of revenue (taxes) and 7 years of spending which means the program goes bankrupt in the 11th year. GOOD PLAN!

    Woolsey is so out of touch, she needs to be retired since she will not go quietly into that good night.

  2. Yes, her mantra about the single payer reducing the deficit by $68 billion is laughable because the deficit is being increased by 1.5 TRILLION (or more, by some estimates) for this health care scam.

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