Too many coats

During the recent debate, Lynn Woolsey talked about the hardships of “needing” two wardrobes — one for Washington D.C. and one for here at home. She also stated again her mantra that if we add single payer to the health care legislation already passed, we’ll save $68 billion! Well, the two comments about clothes and supposed health care savings brought this little analogy/fable to mind:

It’s 110 degrees outside. Don’t ask me why they were so sadistic, but certain people forced you to wear those 10 heavy coats in above the picture, one on top of the other. It doesn’t take a medical license to know you’re being roasted to death under all that wardrobe. You’ll soon be dehydrated and fall, red as a beet, of heat stroke. Along comes  someone — maybe a grandmotherly congresswoman — and she tells you she’s got a plan to help you out. She takes off the outermost of your ten heavy coats and off she goes with it, apparently happy for her good deed. But you’re not happy, are you? You’ll still be a goner soon because of those other nine coats.

Rep. Woolsey: one can’t add 1.5 trillion or more to the national debt for a vast new health care bureaucracy and then expect a projected $68 billion reduction to do anything of consequence. The guy or gal with excess wardrobe still dies in extreme heat whether wearing ten or nine coats.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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