Stimulus specifics provides an up-to-date (09/30/10) accounting of how much the nearly $800 billion stimulus has been spent: approximately 70% of appropriated funds. The breakdown is as follows:

  • $300 billion
  • $141 billion
    In process
  • $70 billion
    Left to spend
  • $233 billion
    Tax cuts issued
  • $55 billion
    Tax cuts remaining

    Below that information, the website maintains a chart that shows the progress of the involved agencies. The Social Security Administration has spent the most of its funds (94.55%), and the Department of Homeland Security has spent the least (17.78%).  

    A ProPublica article first presented on Oct. 1 and then corrected on Oct. 3, asks “Did the White House Meet Its Stimulus Goal? This report, the 2010 Fiscal Year End Report to the President on Progress Implementing the Stimulus, would argue that it has. However, many Americans would disagree based on the state of the economy as they know it.

    You can also see official stimulus information on And, although it isn’t quite up-to-date, not only carries information on the stimulus but also other government bail-out and “relief” programs.

    It is worthwhile for a voter to spend a little time perusing these. It brings the giant numbers (trillions) to the forefront and reminds us of the debt to which Congress and the president are committing America in the name of “stimulation” of our economy that shows little sign of being effective. Congress is on the hook for approving the stimulus and the other related spending programs. Lynn Woolsey is on the hook for going along with the crowd on this.

    It would be advisable for the government NOT to spend the remainder of the stimulus (30%) and use it, instead, to reduce the 2010 deficit.


    About district6voter

    A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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