Lynn Woolsey CAN be retired!

Have you seen the latest Gallup polling of “likely voters”?

As Election Day draws closer, every major public opinion poll shifts from interviewing registered voters to those whom it identifies as “likely” voters. Gallup, the oldest U.S. polling company, first developed the model it uses for identifying likely voters back in 1950 and its final election polls have proven highly accurate.

Yesterday, Gallup delivered its first 2010 “likely voter” poll and the results floored the political community. In the generic ballot question, which asks which party a voter would favor in a generic House contest, Gallup gave the GOP a 46% to 42% edge. But then Gallup applied two versions of its “likely voter” turnout model. In its “high turnout model,” Republicans led Democrats by 53% to 40%. In its “low turnout model,” the GOP edge was a stunning 56% to 38%. That kind of margin in favor of Republicans has never been seen in Gallup surveys.

Read the entire article.

District 6 can elect a new person to Congress this November. This is the time to do it. Lynn Woolsey — incorrigible spender of our tax dollars, career politician who isn’t connected to the residents here, and someone with some misplaced priorities and an apparent lack of understanding about some very important issues (such as social security) — is not in step with the deep worry so many of us feel about the direction she and other so-called “leaders” want to herd us. She thinks she knows better than you do how to run your life. She wants to collect more and more of your money and decide in Washington how it should be allocated She doesn’t mind if the federal government controls health care; that, in fact, is her goal. She is no champion of expanding private sector jobs; she doesn’t know how to develop them; she would rather expand federal jobs (such as the 16,500 additional IRS agents that are to be hired to enforce Obamacare). She works for an agenda that will ultimately stifle Americans, not support and allow us to live our lives as we want.

We are not the serfs of the federal government. We are free people who hold the power of governing in our own hands. We need to exert that power this November. This is the time. Let’s be part of the wave of constructive change that Gallup is detecting and retire Lynn Woolsey.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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