Judd / Smolin / Woolsey debate tonight!

UPDATE #2, 10/14/10: The League of Women Voters has kindly and promptly responded regarding debate viewer access. There was apparently some misinformation about the carrier of the live debate (Novato public access, not Comcast Ch. 26) so I haven’t heard from anyone yet who saw it. Here though is the email info I received:

The debate was live on Novato Public Access TV, not Channel 27 in the rest of Marin.
The schedules for cablecastings and websites for watching debates online are here:
League of Women Voters of Marin County:  http://www.marinlwv.org/candidate_debates/
Community Media Center of Marin:  http://cmcm.tv/2010elections
I expect last night’s 6th CD debate and cablecasting schedules to become available sometime today.

It would have been helpful if the League had published the information about transmitting it live on the Novato public access channel before the debate. Nowhere on their links above was it mentioned. Also, it’s been a long time since I lived in Marin County. Can the entire county get Novato public access?


UPDATE: Looks like the debate is not being shown live. You can email the League of Women Voters here ( lwvmc@marinlwv.org) to ask the dates/times when it will be shown on TV/online.

As posted on Petaluma360, there will be a debate between Jim Judd (R), Joel Smolin (L), and Lynn Woolsey (D) tonight beginning “at 7pm on Marin Comcast Channel 26 & A T & T Channel 99.”

Remember, this is a closed debate. The Leage of Women Voters refused to hold the debate in a space that could accommodate voters. However, do whatever you can to see it. If you live in Marin, you can see it live on TV. If you don’t, there is a live online stream of Marin Comcast Ch. 26, which I hope will work splendidly tonight at 7:00 p.m.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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4 Responses to Judd / Smolin / Woolsey debate tonight!

  1. Your link to > online stream of Marin Comcast Ch. 26, …not working

  2. Sierra Peterson says:

    As for the “mentally incompetent” Lynn Woolsey, it was on her guest ticket that
    Cindy Sheehan, mother of a US soldier who died during the Iraq war, got into the State of the Union address only to get arrested for wearing an anti-war t-shirt. What Cindy Sheehan did was a historic event that swayed countless Americans to the anti-war cause. Lynn Woolsey arranged for this to happen so she is a true American patriot and a hero in spite of her beyond terrible economic policies. She was also the
    first member of Congress to call for troop withdrawal. Jim Judd has done
    nothing of this magnitude. He has, however, described Israel as a “peaceful” nation. I
    would love to see him try to explain that to the parents of Tristan Anderson,
    the Palestinian rights activist who received permanent brain damage from Israeli
    fire during a peaceful protest. Tristan was unable to speak for nearly a year
    and will never be the same because of what was done to him. Try weaseling out
    of that one, Jim.

    • Perhaps you meant to put this comment on the post below, “The Rest of the Story,” in reply to someone else’s comment. That person had something to say and I let him say it, but I do not agree with his characterization.

      In the struggle between Israel and the Palestinians (and nearby Arabs, etc.) there has been much bloodshed on both sides. I personally think both sides share blame. I agree with the idea of a two-state solution and I believe that both Lynn Woolsey and Jim Judd have said they do also.

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