The Stealth Candidates…

Now here is the optimism we like to see. Undercoverage posted “Is Harmer Leading the “Stealth” GOP Surge in NorCal Congressional Races?”. The list of candidates who may “surprise” everyone here in Northern California: Dave Harmer, CA-CD-11; Rick Tubbs, CA-CD-7; Gary Clift, CA-CD-10; Edward Gonzalez, CA-CD-16; Jim Judd, CA-CD-6; and John Dennis, CA-CD-8.  Even the organized Republican Party (at national, state, and, pretty much, local, levels) has pretty much ceded Northern California to the Demos in terms of any kind of material and moral support. But Blogger Jane Jamison points out what many Republicans who live here already think. This year there might be some “unexpected” upsets — even here.

Here is what she writes about Jim Judd:

Business owner Jim Judd  (CA-CD-6) has been working hard the past year in the North bay district of Democrat Lynn Woolsey.  Judd  has an active social media presence, and could also surprise the nay-saying media on November 2.  He will debate Woolsey tonight 7 p.m. Comcast Channel 26 Marin County AT&T U verse Channel 99. Check out Jim’s latest video.  To its credit, the Marin IJ newspaper has given some fair attention to Judd’s candidacy, indicating that voter discontent in the bay area may finally be too high to be ignored.

 I totally agree. Lynn Woolsey has been in office for eighteen years. She is a fixture in a Washington D.C. that is completely disconnected from the consensus and priorities of the American people. She is a tax-and-spend ultra liberal/progressive who doesn’t understand economics or fiscal and monetary policy (she’s not alone by any means). As a member of Congress she has sworn to uphold our U.S. Constitution, but, as the Freedom Index illustrates, she is far below average, managing to vote in line with constitutional principles about 16% of the time.

She said recently she isn’t satisfied with the approximately $800 billion stimulus and wants at least another $300 billion. She doesn’t care that we can’t afford it. She doesn’t care that the trillions of debt that the current administration and Congress are incurring will seriously affect us and future generations and could lead to a true crash of our federal financial system.

Her solution to the need for more jobs? She wants to put the unemployed on the public payroll. She says that then these people will pay taxes and increase federal revenue. Oh really? Any money spent by the federal government for anything these days has to be either borrowed or printed out of thin air. Borrowing incurs interest, and printing can cause inflation (usually not immediately, but it will). So, any taxes paid by these new federally-employed people will simply be eaten up as those interest charges or by inflation. One can’t establish solid jobs with created money at a time when the federal government is already so deeply in debt.

Lynn Woolsey is not the representative we in District 6 need right now. It is time to retire her.

May the voters be with all those candidates mentioned on Undercoverage. Let’s give both the establishment Democrats and Republicans a real jolt and and vote in NEW REPRESENTATION right here in Northern California!


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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