Our Congressional candidates got some press on Sunday….

Yesterday, Guy Kovner, journalist for The Press Democrat, had an article published about the candidates running in the California Congressional 6th District. Entitled, “Woolsey aims for 20 years in Congress,”  Kovner’s piece interviewed the candidates and quoted them on some issues. For instance, once again drilling into the subject of the Bush tax cuts, Lynn Woolsey said ” ‘baloney’ ” to the concept that business “people would create jobs with their tax savings.”

Just published on Jim Judd’s website is his reply to various statements in the article. His detailed post has a rejoinder for Lynn Woolsey’s ” ‘baloney’ “:

And how many times does one have to explain to Lynn Woolsey that small business owners who can and do make $250,000 in gross income are not rich folks who just sit on their money? In this tough economy especially, they need some kind of profit margin above their own reasonable income to reinvest in their businesses so more jobs can be created. It is far better for a small business to reinvest profits than for it to have to borrow constantly to buy new equipment. Yet my opponent prefers a system in which the government excessively taxes small business owners and then “magnanimously” passes legislation expanding federally-backed loans for meeting payroll, updating equipment, etc. America is not made stronger by perpetuating a credit ethos over capital reinvestment, but that is precisely what Lynn Woolsey promotes.

 Both pieces include some eye-opening viewpoints and facts. Please read them — as well as the reader comments under the PD article on the Watch Sonoma County website.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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