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Military spending

Rep. Woolsey challenges Speaker-to-Be Boehner to cut military spending waste. Since we can readily see from the pie charts below that while the U.S. population is about 5% of the world’s, our defense spending amounts to about 48% of total … Continue reading

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One congressman takes action; Rep. Woolsey, please support that action!

As I was finishing the previous post about the need for Congress to stop sitting on the sidelines and start introducing and passing legislation to stop the outrageous abuses by Homeland Security/TSA at airport security checkpoints, I read that Congressman … Continue reading

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Take action please, Rep. Woolsey!

Dear Rep. Woolsey, The new “security systems” being forced on travelers in U.S. airports must be changed. Yet, thus far you and your colleagues in Congress have been strangely docile and silent instead of proactively fashioning legeislation to actually implement … Continue reading

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Now that the 2010 election is over…

So where does this blog go now that the election of 2010 has been decided and Lynn Woolsey will continue to represent the 6th District for the next two years? Simple. This blog intends to track what our congresswoman does … Continue reading

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Jim Judd Made Headway

On Election Day, Columnist Dick Spotswood of the Marin IJ wrote “What’s A Win For North Bay Republicans?”. In it he stated: In the 2008 general election, the Republican nominee in the 6th Congressional District was Sonoman Mike Halliwell. He … Continue reading

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At the Jim Judd Election Night Celebration

All the votes haven’t been counted yet as I write this. However, with 81.4% of the votes counted, Lynn Woolsey has 65.2 % to Jim Judd’s 30.6%, and she has been declared the winner by the TV news organizations. Earlier … Continue reading

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