U.S. debt as a factor in defense strategy

Lynn Woolsey and the entire Congress, as well as President Obama and his administration, should keep in mind what Frank Ryan emphasizes in “Deficit-Inspired National Strategy“, namely that

The financial irresponsibility of our elected officials has provided a determined enemy a powerful weapon to use against us in an economic attack

What concerns me is that most lawmakers at the federal, state, and local levels do not understand the absolute severity of the crisis. The magnitude of our debt makes the United States extremely vulnerable to an economic attack. We are not too big to fail!


The failure to understand our vulnerabilities with our debt and the strategic bind we have put ourselves in will lead to tragic consequences.  This is not the time for window dressing in Congress.  We need structural changes in government.


The spiraling deficits, unfunded pension liabilities, and the retirement of baby boomers means that the perfect storm is headed our way. 


I can only assure you of one thing — a determined enemy will attack you where you have let yourself become vulnerable.
There is only one true solution to this national spending spree.  Go on a diet!  Every American must put self-interests on the back burner and put selfless sacrifice on the front burner.  We must all be willing to contribute to this fight.  President Kennedy was trying to tell us this in his inaugural address.


It is no longer our decision.  Restrain spending on all fronts, or someone else will do it for you.  Just ask the Greeks!

Read the entire article. A country can be attacked on various levels, and an enemy with an opportunity will not hestitate to use our financial/economic vulnerabilities against us. Politicians in Washington D.C. must be cognizant of this and act now to reduce our vulnerability. To do otherwise would not just be negligent — it would be very arguably criminal and treasonous.

And as Frank Ryan writes, responsibility for backing us away from the precipice rests with ALL of us, not just politicians. So, wake up, all! Here in the 6th District, we constituents must demand that Rep. Woolsey start voting for deep reductions in all imaginable spending. We must also contact our U.S. senators and the president and demand that they also cut spending drastically. And our state and local governments must also be made to eliminate their budget deficits. And personally, each one of us can strive to reduce any debts of our own. Our national debt is a danger to our continued prosperity and possibly even to our existence as the republic we know and want to perpetuate.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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