Puny federal spending cuts…

This, ladies and gentlemen is what we need in terms of public spending slashes:

I borrowed that pictures from Spending Cuts Have to Start Somewhere.

But this is far closer to what we’re getting:

In other words, just a tiny corner of the total federal budget is being snipped off. The GOP rightly criticized the Obama administration and Senate Democrats today for offers to cut the 2011 budget by a measly $6.5 billion.

“The status quo is indefensible and unacceptable,” chimed in House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. “The American people spoke loudly and clearly last November. They want to cut spending.”.

Speaker Boehner is correct, although even the $61 billion spending reductions that passed the House are a drop in the bucket compared to a $1.6 TRILLION deficit. Majorities in both parties must wrap their heads around the cold, hard fact that we CANNOT continue to spend trillions and still remain solvent. Not only must Congress and the administration cut billions, they must cut trillions (for example, President Obama’s 2012 proposed budget of $3.7 should by all rights be cut in half).

Of course our own representative, Lynn Woolsey, continues to pound any and all spending cuts — unless they are to defense spending. Her tweets on the subject are always of a partisan nature and constantly complain about how any proposed spending cut would be harmful in this way or that. And when she momentarily runs out of specific cuts to attack, she tweets something like this:

  Until @SpeakerBoehner shows moral courage on #Afghanistan, I refuse to take his outrage about #deficit seriously http://youtu.be/sC4KPFVeMMQ

Rep. Woolsey should speak to the Democrats in the administration about Afghanistan; they are making that policy at the moment. But of course, our congresswoman refuses to acknowledge that apart from defense spending issues, it is also vital to cut domestic spending. No, she uses Afghanistan (and Iraq) as a shield, as an excuse, to “allow” herself to claim that oh she would consider domestic cuts if military spending were cut drastically. The truth is, she would not. Yes, she wants military cuts. No, she does not want one dime of cuts to anything else.

A couple of days ago, she urged 

President Barack Obama to follow in President Bill Clinton’s footsteps and stand strong against Republicans on sharp spending cuts — even as the possibility of a government shutdown looms.

“You have to remember what a leader Bill Clinton was in 1995. It was very clear he was not going to capitulate,” Woolsey told Raw Story in an interview late Tuesday afternoon. “President Clinton was absolute — he said he would veto [the GOP proposals], and he did. We were with him on that, and I’m hoping to do the same with President Obama.”

She continued:

Just as in 1995, if the government shuts down, it will be on the Republicans’ conscience,” Woolsey said. “They’ll be responsible, because they called for unacceptable spending cuts and they’re willing to destroy jobs and the middle class. I’m not.”

She tries to position herself as the defender of the middle class, but her intractable stance against getting our out-of-control federal budget is a middle class buster! She supports an overbearing federal bureaucracy (paid for by our tax dollars, borrowing from China, and the Fed’s outright printing of money) that infringes on the constitutional liberties of the middle class. She supports vast entitlement programs. She supports forcing everyone into a federal health care scheme. She supports policies that give jobs to illegal aliens while 22 million Americans are unemployed. If it is a domestic government program, odds are she’s for it. And all the while, the middle class’s standard of living declines as the free-spending feds in Washington can’t even manage to trim something close to $100 billion off the 2011 budget!

So, Congress, forget Lynn Woolsey and the others in your body that aren’t willing to make the right decisions and reduce the federal budget. There are conscientious Democrats who understand that reductions must be made. Work on them — especially in the Senate where they are the majority. Congress MUST make significant cuts in spending this year — and the next, and the next. DO IT!


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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