Lynn Woolsey “defends” NPR

First, check out Lynn Woolsey’s speech video on It’s the Constitution Baby

You can also read the text here.

I’ll just quote the last bit:

And the idea that we need to give up this cherished public resource because of something someone said over lunch in a videotape that was doctored by a conservative activist…give me a break. 

Let’s get the facts straight about this, shall we? The entire, unedited video of the remarks made by NPR executives Ron Schiller and Betsy Lilley are reportedly here on the Project Veritas website. Nothing is edited, so one can judge for oneself whether, as Project Veritas claims, these two attacked “Republicans, Tea Partiers, middle America, Jews, and Christians.”

But I suppose that such scurrilous comments are just fine with Rep. Woolsey? She certainly dismisses this disgraceful behavior.  

Let’s leave Mr. Schiller and Ms. Lilley aside now. NPR does have some reasonably unbiased programming. But as far as I’m concerned, that really isn’t the issue. The issue is whether the federal government should fund any media at all. We are in a financial bind and we need to cut spending! Why can’t those who currently produce the content of NPR find private funding? If their programs are so worthwhile, they should be able to do that. Hollywood manages to find funding for its movies and television shows. private radio stations find funding for their programming, so why can’t NPR do the same?

Lynn Woolsey is just wasting her breath “defending” NPR (I use quotation marks because she really didn’t do must defending, did she? She just used this opportunity to run cheap shots at the House majority.). This organization shouldn’t get one more red penny.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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4 Responses to Lynn Woolsey “defends” NPR

  1. Sara S. says:

    Hey, great blog! I recently moved to crazy D6 and I’ve been just floored by the ignorance and passivity of voters up here. Are you on Twitter or Facebook?

  2. Joe Reisinger says:

    I’m delighted to see someone else is now paying attention to this person we have in congress who is not well qualified on a number of levels, and who is an embarrassment to a supposedly “educated” enough to serve this congressional district. The last thing we need is another ineffectual politician who is making a career out of the public breast.

    • Thank you. Glad to hear from you. If only the majority of our District 6 voters were in agreement. Twenty years of the lady is just twenty years too much. But time and again, she has gained the favor of the electorate, showing those us of who don’t vote for her that we need to educate those who do. This blog is one of the ways I am working on that.

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