Another 129 Obamacare waivers added

You know that 2010 affordable health care law that Rep. Woolsey wants implemented because it’s just so good for us? Well, the Obama administration continues to hand out waivers exempting organizations from complying with all the specifications of the law. Added to the 1000 waivers already distributed (actually 1039), the 129 new ones will now exempt about 3 million people from health care reform requirements. Of the new, “more than half went to unions.” As reported by Jamie Dupree:

Among the unions that were recently approved for waivers:

  • Teamsters Local 237 in New York, covering over 51,000 workers
  • Carpenters District Council of Kansas City Welfare Plan, for 20,898 workers
  • Southeastern Iron Workers, for 5,143 policies
  • Minneapolis Retail Meat Cutters and Food Handlers for 10,720
  • the Fulton Fish Market Welfare Fund for 1,211

    Among the non-union recipients of new waivers, those included very average sounding businesses like the Mary Cariola Children’s Center in Rochester, NY, the Tumex Corporation of Yuma, Arizona, Belo Tank Xpress and Lexus of Austin.

  • Links to a list of waivers can be found at the bottom of the page at

    Mr. Dupree also reports:

    The new waivers were released on the same day that Congress delved into the details of another part of the Obama health law, as the feds detailed over 1300 grants to companies big and small, designed to help them fund health coverage for early retirees.

    Those grants went to well known companies like AT&T and General Electric, and major unions like the United Auto Workers. (See my previous blogs for the list of those recipients entitled, “Health Law Payments”).

    Members of both parties sternly criticized officials involved in implementing the Obama health law, using a Friday hearing to blast the idea of giving $36 million to GE, which just reported $14 billion in profits, to help insure their early retirees.

    Do you think Lynn Woolsey was one of those who “sternly criticized”? I haven’t seen anything suggesting she was (her twitter page) certainly doesn’t reference the problem at all), but let me know if you do!


    About district6voter

    A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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