Pot calls kettle…

Does Lynn Woolsey (or her staff, more likely) even think how some of her tweets read? Here’s her latest:

Americanse deserve better than to have their govt held hostage by extreme ideological agenda http://youtu.be/aGajXoIPJM8#shutdown 35 minutes ago via web

Lynn Woolsey, extreme leftist who is out of synch with most of her own party, claims the Republican majority is  using an extreme ideological agenda to hold the government hostage? What tripe…it’s definitely the midnight black pot calling the kettle…. There is nothing extreme about members of Congress finally standing up to uncontrolled government spending. And remember, the amounts even the Republicans want to cut ($61 billion) are a drop in the bucket compared with the wildly unbelievable 1.5 TRILLION total budget. In her House floor speech (see link in the above tweet), Rep. Woolsey rants about the Republicans “inflexibility, callousness, and political gamesmanship.” Huh. Look in the mirror, Representative, when it comes to inflexibility and political gamesmanship. You’ve got them beat by a mile. Why don’t YOU agree to compromise. Not one word from you about that. All you repeat is your same theme: cut military spending in Afghanistan, and as I’ve noted before, you need to talk to your own party leaders about that, not the Republicans. As for being callous, when a government overreaches and does too much (which you, Rep. Woolsey always advocate), it is easy to characterize the sensible return to less government as being callous, but it isn’t. It is doing the right thing for us and for future generations who otherwise have to pay the huge debts we’ll leave.

Lynn Woolsey lives in her own little dream world where everything she can think of is provided by the federal government. But reality doesn’t work that way. We don’t have endless funds. We must reduce government spending, and instead of constantly berating the Republicans for grasping the problem and passing solutions, you, Congresswoman, need to get on board with the cost-cutting agenda.

If the government does shut down tonight, it will be because the Democrats (including Pres. Obama) were unwilling to take the steps needed and pass a noteworthy beginning to cost-cutting (and, necessarily, it is only a beginning). But of course, Lynn Woolsey will just go on ranting, stuck in her own ideological world….


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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