Lynn Woolsey misrepresents Republican position on jobs

On April 21, Lynn Woolsey tweeted:

RepLynnWoolseyRep. Lynn Woolsey 
100 days of #GOP control = not a single #jobs bill


Watch that video she link which she and the Congressional Progressives Caucus (CPC) put together. Pay special attention to how they edited the jobs comments of Republican Rep. Judy Biggert. Another version of the Progressives’ selective editing can be viewed here,

Thanks to diligent local voter Elizabeth Gatley, who tracked down the original video of Rep. Biggert (R-IL), one can clearly see and hear that Lynn Woolsey and the CPC are presenting a deliberately false impression of her remarks:

The Republican is appealing to her colleagues to stay on topic, which is the mortgage assistance program. She is NOT saying that jobs are not important, as Rep. Woolsey and the CPC would have us believe. In fact, at one point in her full remarks Rep. Biggert explicitly says that what the unemployed need is “a JOB — not a handout.” Could that be more clear? But Lynn Woolsey, by replaying one phrase out of context, intentionally implies a Republican message that isn’t being communicated at all. This is blatant dishonesty by the Progressives. This kind of “dirty politics” should be beneath the woman who represents our district, but obviously it isn’t. 


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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