Three Gallup polls to give Rep. Woolsey pause:

First, here is a poll published on April 29, 2011 entitled

Americans Blame Wasteful Government Spending for Deficit:

And here is the earlier of today’s polls:

In U.S., Optimism About Future for Youth Reaches All-Time Low:

And finally, one just posted on the Gallup site:

Americans See Medicare, Social Security “Crisis” Within 10 Years:

See a trend here, Rep. Woolsey? Out-of-control government spending and a refusal to address this problem and the resulting huge entitlement obligations is leading to a pessimistic future for upcoming generations and is likely to severely impact seniors and the baby boomer generation too. You, Congresswoman, have a duty to work with the rest of Congress to sharply reduce spending (of all federal departments). Also, instead of promising to “protect” all existing Social Security and Medicare benefits, realize that responsible reform MUST be implemented in order for these programs to be available going forward. Does contemplated retirement in 2012 affect your ability to see beyond that year? As a member of Congress you can’t just think about two-year periods or even just your own twenty years in the House (oh, yeah, we’ll be okay while I’m still in office and that’s all that matters…). You also need to legislate for a sustainable future. So where is your action on that front? When will you begin supporting bills that truly address our deeply serious federal financial situation, Rep. Woolsey?


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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2 Responses to Three Gallup polls to give Rep. Woolsey pause:

  1. Sara S. says:

    Woolsey is not going to move beyond her big government beliefs, she’s a career politician in a cozy seat. The question is, who is going to step up in District 6 to run against her?

    Also interesting in that Gallup poll…seniors (age 65 and older) prefer Ryan’s budget to Obama’s 48% to 42%.

    • Yes, it isn’t very likely at all that someone so entrenched in her spend, spend, spend philosophy will change at the end of her Congressional career.

      As to who will run in 2012, assuming Lynn Woolsey retires, the two Dems who have already declared are Jared Huffman and Norman Solomon. Others on that side of the aisle also have expressed their interest. On the GOP side, no one as far as I know has made any commitments, largely, I think, due to the uncertainty about how the new congressional districts will be drawn.

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