The “Operation Fast and Furious” Scandal

As a sworn member of the House of Representatives, Lynn Woolsey should be demanding answers from the Obama administration about the growing scandal regarding “Operation Fast and Furious.” In an April 30, 2011 address, NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre spoke in unvarnished language about this unfolding scandal:

I’ll say that again. Our government has been willing to let people die… to advance their assault on the Second Amendment. Our southern border proves it. When ATF officials ORDER lawful gun dealers to make illegal sales … that’s corrupt.

When ATF authorizes and watches thousands of guns walk across the border to fall into the hands of Mexico’s drug cartels … that’s not just bizarre law enforcement — It’s government-sanctioned gunrunning!

When the Administration stonewalls congressional investigations … that’s a conspiracy to cover-up the truth.

When almost every reporter in America ignores the story, it doesn’t just prove the media is biased. It proves they’re cowards.

When Janet Napolitano declares that the Mexican border is safe…that’s dishonest.

When Obama and Holder and Clinton blame American gun owners for Mexican drug crime — even as our own government is running guns south — that is politics at its most cynical and despicable.

Operation Fast and Furious may have gotten one, and perhaps two, federal agents killed … and countless innocent victims have been murdered with the illegal guns that our own government allowed into Mexico … all to advance a political agenda.

Over and over again, Americans heard the President, the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, and Members of Congress … claim that Mexico’s violent crime was the result of American firearms flowing south of the border.

They blamed our rights, even as they allowed illegal straw buyers to walk free … right across the border.

They engaged in a massive gunrunning operation — sponsored by our own American tax dollars.

And these schemers have the gall to say it’s our fault? That the

Second Amendment is to blame? The Second Amendment is to blame?

Eric Holder said he didn’t know about the operation. He’s the Attorney General of the United States of America … the highest law enforcement officer in the land. He’s in charge, and he didn’t know?

Then who’s minding the store over at the Justice Department? If Holder didn’t know … Holder’s got to go!

I call on President Obama to order ATF and Justice Department officials to testify before Congress and fully disclose every detail of their rogue operation. Mr. President, it’s time to come clean. Stop the stonewalling and stop the lies! Because the lying is getting people killed … every single day.

Just yesterday(May 5, 2011) it was reported that

At a House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa confronted Attorney General Eric Holder on the DOJ’s Operation Fast and Furious, a highly controversial operation where federal authorities facilitated the purchase of assault weapons for drug cartels and chose not to interdict them before being transported to Mexico. While Attorney General Holder was unwilling to provide answer about who at the Department of Justice authorized, knew about, and even whether he still defended Operation Fast and Furious, three new documents provide information that Attorney General Holder did not address in response to questions posed by Rep. Issa.


Read in more detail about this confrontation here and here. Rep. Issa has threatened to hold the Dept. of Justice in contempt of Congress for not being fully forthcoming. Senator Chuck Grassley has also been investigating the breadth of illegal activities by the federal government under Operation Fast and Furious.

Rep. Woolsey does not have to sit on associated committees to lend her voice to a demand for full disclosure of the gunrunning that took place. She should be as outraged about this as she is about other issues of “justice.” And she should join her colleagues in Congress in settling for nothing less than a complete, unedited explanation of what was done by whom and when. It doesn’t matter whether Rep. Woolsey and the NRA disagree regarding 2nd Amendment issues. What matters is that Congress get to the bottom of Operation Fast and Furious and our member of Congress needs to play a part in accomplishing that DOJ accountability.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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