Democrats on meaningful debt reform: “No.”

The Washington Examiner published an editorial today that takes the Democrats to task for their obstructionist approach to the debt ceiling debate. In “Democrats create theater of the absurd on debt ceiling,” no words are minced:

What is really outrageous about the Democrats’ arguments, however, is that they can all be boiled down to one word: no. No, to meaningful entitlement reform. No, to actually reducing the total number of tax dollars and borrowed money spent by the federal government. No, to credible caps on future federal spending. No, to a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget. No, to fiscal sanity.

These “no” choruses are coming from our congresswoman too. Lynn Woolsey doesn’t want to bite the bullet and solve the tough issues. She just wants to keep raising the debt ceiling and keep those TRILLIONS flowing. This is outrageous behavior from a person who has sworn an oath to protect the interests of our country. Rep. Woolsey and the rest of Congress (whatever their party) MUST stop pretending that we can just continue business as usual. We can’t. Congress has gotten into the unforgivable habit of outrageously overspending. NOW, it must stop. It MUST change its destructive habits. Lynn Woolsey, instead of issuing her ridiculous attacks against the Republicans, should understand the necessity of everyone in Washington working for real reform, real fiscal sanity.


About district6voter

A concerned Northern California citizen who believes Representative Lynn Woolsey ought to be replaced in November, 2010.
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