Why I’m writing this blog:

I’ve lived in the 6th District all my life (except when I attended UC Davis). Mainly, it’s been Sonoma County for me, but I also spent about seven years in Marin County. This is such a breathtakingly beautiful area, with vistas, forests, beaches, vineyards, rivers, and ponds that ease the soul. The photo in the banner reminds me of several places in our little piece of earthly heaven, and provides inspiration. After all, we who are a part of this land, want to see it preserved and see it prosper. We aspire to a better life for those who will come after us, just as we seek the best life possible for our families now.

To keep the riches of Marin and Sonoma Counties available, we who are its stewards must act with prudence and care to avoid waste, badly allocated resources, and too much intervention from distant governing bodies (in Sacramento, Washington D.C., and even New York City where the United Nations Headquarters is located). We need to have the freedom to make decisions locally that primarily affect us. We need freedom to decide our own future, not have it mapped out for us by bureaucrats and out-of-touch politicians. We need to know that the policies that are formed by federal law don’t have a potential to destroy our way of life. Unfortunately, more and more of us are realizing that currently we have no such assurances. The actions of our federal officials have only added to our anxiety over the economy, and we are not at all sure that the worst isn’t yet to come. So, that tranquil scene renews my determination to work for representation in Congress that will be in line with our priorities and our needs.

We’re not a people that wants to be dependent on government. We are wonderfully fortunate to live in an area that can provide jobs and homes for us if we, the people, make the effort to invest in and shepherd our natural, human, and technical resources. We therefore should think seriously about who we sent to Washington D.C., and we should recognize that since our current Congress is not providing the stability and limited interference that our District 6 needs, we should vote for a new representative in the House.


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