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1.5 TRILLION Deficit this Year According to the CBO. 1.5 TRILLION.

Yes, I’ll write it again: the CBO forecasts a 1.5 TRILLION federal budget deficit for 2011. This is just unacceptable in every way. Are you paying attention at all, Rep. Woolsey? Congress MUST cut spending. Or our republic will crash and burn. Advertisements

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What’s that about Social Security not adding to the deficit?

As noted on my blog in this post, on August 27, 2010, Lynn Woolsey made the statement that Social Security should not even be on the table in deficit-reduction talks because it has not contributed a dime to that deficit…. … Continue reading

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Protect ALL life, Rep. Woolsey!

Today the 2011 March for Life took place in Washington D.C. and other cities in the U.S. and around the world. Congressman Mike Pence spoke eloquently in defense of the unborn: We must not remain silent when great moral battles … Continue reading

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Rep. Woolsey’s atwitter re health care law repeal:

Lynn Woolsey has said all along that she isn’t satisfied with the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPACA), otherwise known as ObamaCare or simply the 2010 health care law. On the first day of the new 112th Congress … Continue reading

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U.S. debt as a factor in defense strategy

Lynn Woolsey and the entire Congress, as well as President Obama and his administration, should keep in mind what Frank Ryan emphasizes in “Deficit-Inspired National Strategy“, namely that The financial irresponsibility of our elected officials has provided a determined enemy … Continue reading

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Cartoons for thought…

From 1934 and relevant again! And not just read it. Legislate according to it! Anyone who believes the 2010 healthcare law will improve our situation is kidding themselves. ______________ Each of these cartoons points to a weakness in our member … Continue reading

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Rep. Woolsey and All of Congress: Pay Attention to Laurence Kotlikoff!

Laurence Kotlikoff is a professor of economics at Boston University who has warned that the “U.S. is Bankrupt and We Don’t Even Know It.”  This opinion states: Let’s get real. The U.S. is bankrupt. Neither spending more nor taxing less … Continue reading

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